About us

Lankao Rayer Lighting Product Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2004, one professional manufacturer for decorative lighting and festive lighting, mainly for Christmas & other festivals, commercial, public spaces, main streets, parties, corporate events, wedding decorations, home decorations around the world. With more creative design requirement color and effect has taken an import aspect into led lighting applications for decoration.


We offer the high-quality, avant-garde Christmas lighting products using the latest technology, such as LED string (fairy) lights, LED icicle lights, LED net lights, LED curtain lights, Christmas tree lights, rope motif lights, acrylic motif lights, acrylic flowers lights, street decoration lights.


The key to Rayer Lighting’s success lies in continuous innovation and bespoke products, made on demand to meet customers’ needs. We’re specialized solely in decorative and artistic lighting, Be focus, so be professional.


Our mission is to make the world and our life a lot of inspiration, lovely, exciting, wonderful and magic.