130th Canton Fair online Rayer christmas lighting

17 Oct 2021

130th Canton Fair

130th Canton Fair will be held from October 15th to 19th both online and offline. The online fair will provide a displaying platform, matchmaking and cross-border e-commerce service. Please click the following link to register an account for online attendance and enjoy business opportunities of Canton Fair: https://buyer.cantonfair.org.cn/en/register/selectiveId?fromCode=9b040000-0045-5254-e2c0-08d7fcd61cde

Rayer lighting produce and export Christmas light for more than 15 years, we supply different kinds of Christmas lights with high quality and moderate price. Our products consist of LED String lights, LED Icicle lights, LED motif lights and So on. Our products are highly spoken by the market due to our high-quality , excellent performance and easy installation. 

LANKAO RAYER LIGHTING PRODUCT CO.,LTD will participate in the display page is https://ex.cantonfair.org.cn/pc/en/exhibitor/4ab00000-005f-5254-a45b-08d7ed79f4ad .

Rayer Lighting
Rayer Lighting