Lights signal converter of DMX controller

Xmas lights signal receiver of DMX controller for LED holiday decorative lights, it connects between the regular type Christmas lights with IC model and DMX controller, it is a indispensable part for the whole lighting control system.

It is the new design with simple operation controller for Christmas lights, can control several DMX controller, waterproof and performance is quite steady. This controller adopts 4-wire 3-loops(common anode) * 3 ports DC output, with novel structure design and simple circuit. 
Its function includes: manual loops adjustment, scanning, twinkling. It can realize the synchronization between multiple controllers, DMX digital address setting and power failure protection functions.  It is waterproof when using outdoor. Operation is simple and reliable.


Suit: Suit for G45 led ball lights
Input: DMX 512 signal
Output: UCS2903IC signal
Founction: To control each LED
Max connection: Max connection 64 leds, total 192 address
Voltage: 12VDC/24VDC
Waterproof grade: ip65
This converter is suit for our DMX512 controlled G45 led ball lights, you can also use for your UCS2903IC lighting products

Xmas lights signal converter of DMX controller for UCS2903IC lighting products, it is a indispensable part for the whole lighting control system.
It's the connections between DMX512 and UCS2903IC lighting products
Suit above lighting products in our factory.